New Way to Get HTTPS on Localhost

I’ve been using Caddy, but this may be worth a look


Looks interesting. I will see if I can spare some time to give it a try. Biggest downside is lack of Windows support.
I think that Meteor needs HTTPS on localhost out of the box. @grubba @nachocodoner @fredmaiaarantes maybe something for Meteor 3.1 or 3.2? Looks easy enough with Express: How To Create an HTTPS Server on Localhost using Express | by Nitin Patel | Medium
Just need to figure out how to generate the key files nicely.


Hello, while we are on the subject, I use cloud flare zero trust. I can connect any port in my local im to a fixed domain. It is a great savior in webhook usage.

Maybe a package could do that?

Create a .pem file place it in the .local folder, and add this security layer to meteor.

Biggest downside is lack of Windows support.

Perhaps there is a way of doing this for Windows using code/npm package?

Shouldnt be to hard to generate a local certificate and put it in the truststore even windows has an api for that

Visual studio does this for / core all the time

Why not use GitHub - FiloSottile/mkcert: A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like. directly?


I’m all ears for suggestions.

This is a common scenario faced in some Meteor projects during development. Integrating this feature into the Core would be beneficial, regardless of whether it’s this specific tool or another, to ensure better support for Windows users.

FiloSottile/mkcert makes perfect sense to be a tool to consider as its compatible across all operating systems. It will be considered for inclusion as a built-in feature in Meteor.