[Newbie] Is it possible to deploy multiple meteor apps in one domain?


Hi! This is my second post here in the forums and I’d like a bit of help to get me started with my project. Forgive me for any technological lapses I would make as I am a complete beginner in web development.

I aim to create a website that showcases a portfolio consisting of three meteor apps I plan to develop.

I recently received my github student developer pack and have unboxed my namecheap subscription service under the domain - johngarrickmc.me

Is it possible for me to create a website that would host three prototypes? Something like

I’ve set up github pages as my homepage since I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help me streamline the process?


Yes, you’d be using subdomains though:


Then you’ll need to decide how you want to host your Meteor app (free Meteor hosting? on a SaaS like modulus? DO/Linode/EC2?)

Then you’ll get an IP address or some hostname that you need to point your DNS records to.


For redirects use the above as a reverse proxy server