Newbie Needs Help Demoing Live Bidding Feature

Hi guys,

I’m new here and new to javascript in general but I’m in an online bootcamp learning and I need some basic help. I don’t mind to read up and teach myself I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

I need to demo meteor for a client who wants a live auction bidding system where online viewers can place bids alongside people who are physically at the auction location.

Can you help me figure out how to:

  1. Insert current high bid - High bid will return the most recent “new task/bid” input

  2. Collect a username and return the username of the user who most recently entered a “new task/bid” next to “High Bidder”?

I know this should be easy but like I said I’m quite new to all of this.

Hello! Welcome to Meteor - its great here!

You need to add a field to attach a bid amount to each bid. You should be able to replicate the code for the task name in order to add a bid amount. Then you’ll have that information in the database.

The template for your ‘highestbidder’ should then subscribe to a query looking similar to the following:
Tasks.find({}, {sort: {bidAmount: -1} }).limit(1);

I’d suggest you look at a tutorial such as - which helps you create a leaderboard which is pretty similar to what you are attempting to do.

Have fun!

Thanks Stan, I will give the leaderboard tutorial a go today :slightly_smiling:

@jamesscaggs Try this bidding system written in meteor

Shows highest bid. Highest bidder can be added easily. Real time :smiley:

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Thanks @kaies, I have it live at meteorlivebidding.meteor. com but all of the html/css/and js files are missing code.

Am I missing something?

@jamesscaggs working for me. I even was able to put a bid there by going to .com/sell url…

looks like this right now

first you gotta log in and then you can either bid or or sell stuff…it has notification too…sorry the buttons in the front page doesn’t work. If you want I can change them for ya…but you gotta reply first here mate whether you want it

Yes can you please enable front end buttons.

Thank you!

@jamesscaggs check the github repo now. Updated a bit. Even has a bid notification system !! Let me know if that works

Nice, will check it ou after lunch! :sunglasses:

@kaiyes, I’m getting an error when trying to run local:


@jamesscaggs I dont have that error here in my local machine !

Meteor tells me the package requires an update. I tried running locally
without updating and I got it to load up but the buttons are still just
linked anchor tags.

ya I didn’t update it to the latest but isn’t the problem. you need to enter a bid though…otherwise you wont be able to see anything as the database is empty when you have just git cloned from github. The routes/buttons works fine. You need to , make an account and login. Then create a bid to see whats going on.

I’ve made an account but where do I create the bid? Can you do a quick
screencast for me please?

Thank you!

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create the bid by going to the sell page

Hi @kaiyes

I’m sorry I feel really dumb, I made a video that will hopefully explain:

sorry @jamesscaggs mate ! my bad. my git push failed earlier thats why you are still using the old stuff… I made a new push. Try git cloning now

@jamesscaggs works now buddy ?