Newbie - want to navigate through pages without iron router


I am a newbie in Meteor and trying to develop an application to navigate through pages with conditions.But this needs to be done without iron-router.Please help.


  1. Flow Router (easy, stable)
  2. HTML5 History API (hard for newbies)
  3. React with React Router

Or do you mean navigating in a router-less app?

If so, you could use

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A router is for managing URLs, so that your users can use URLs to point to specific parts of your app. If you don’t need users to use URLs, you don’t need a router.
The basic structure of a Meteor app with multiple pages is this:

<template name="main">
  {{#if conditionForPage1}}
    {{> page1}}
  {{#if conditionForPage2}}
    {{> page2}}
  {{#if conditionForPage3}}
    {{> page3}}

<template name="page1">

<template name="page2">

<template name="page3">

Then, depending on how you manage your page list and how you get your conditions, this basic structure can be tuned.

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Let me put it in this way. I have an event say ‘Go’, on click of which another page with the details should get opened. Like this I have got few more events on a single page that should open several other pages with respective details. As per my search to accomplish this, I only got to use iron router or as the above replies(Thanks for them as well). But since my application is developed under internet blocked settings, I am not able to update the package to use either of the routers. So I was seeking advice on how can I still achieve to open the pages on the event function. Hope this is understood for helping me out. I am still stuck.

    <template name="dashboard">
	<div class="search">		
  			<input type="search" name="q" class="pull-left" placeholder="Search Deal Id...">				
				<a class="btn btn-warning btn-sm fjalla pull-right search-btn">Go</a>			

it is not clear what you want to do.

when the user enters a ‘deal id’ and clicks ‘go’ what do want see happen?

Yeah, I want on the click of ‘go’ the respective deal id details page should be opened. I have the page already prepared with some hard codes to check the result.As I try to put conditions by using something like below
{{# if this}}
{{> GetDetail}}
where GetDetail.html is another page that has got the deal id details.I do not see any change.