Newest Meteor Release not working with FlowRouter 2.12.0

Getting an error thrown

router.js:586 Uncaught ReferenceError: page is not defined
586 Router.prototype._page = page;

Anyone else having this issue? It leaves me with a non-working app and blank routes.

EDIT: Downgrading to FlowRouter Version 2.11.0 temporarily fixed the problem

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What version of Meteor are you upgrading from?

new project in

I just ran into this too. And I was just transitioning from Iron to FlowRouter, and I was very confused :slight_smile:
Downgrading to flow-router 2.11.0 helped.

Same thing here. Just updated meteor to Updated flow-router to 2.12.0

Perfectly fine with previous release

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Might help to put this here untill the issue is resolved:

meteor remove kadira:flow-router
meteor add kadira:flow-router@=2.11.0

Looking at @jebarjonet’s screenshot, I think this might be related to this error: 1.3 Problems - meteorInstall is not defined I am getting the same.

Guys, this is a bug in the newest release.
Working on a fix.