News about React-Native

Has anyone tried using React-Native for building Android apps?

Cordova and Meteor have had a spat since forever, and I was wondering if it was time for the MDG to shift to official support for React-Native.(Given they are working with React-Meteor anyway.)

React-Native could be the game changer for Meteor. Will it be a part of the Meteor 1.3 release?

They’ve re-written Cordova support to be better for 1.3. Maybe React-Native first-class support will come in 1.4 or after.

For now, you can use react-native with a ddp connection to a meteor server. Here are some examples:

You can check this to-do app written with react native.

I’ve recently started making an Android version of a current React Native iOS app ( ). It’s been fairly painless to setup and to get going. Genymotion provides great support for emulation.

btw, this router is the best bet so far for iOS and Android support (flux is not even needed as the example repo shows).

I’m using a Meteor server but am currently feeding it data from a REST API instead of Meteor publications (which is fine because it’s not realtime data anyway).

The experience is a lot easier than Cordova and not using some of Meteor’s goodies is worth it IMHO. The first repo that @energistic mentioned has worked well in a few tests I made.

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Nice find! I didn’t know of any routers so I rolled my own which just basically defines sets of routes where I can define the route name, the component to render, and override left/right buttons in the top navbar.

But I’ll take a look at that router and see if it makes my life easier. The app I’m building is iOS first, but I’ll have to make it work with Android too, so the more platform-agnostic I can make the app, the better!

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