Next steps on Blaze and the view layer

I have built my first Meteor app with AngularJS nearly 2 years ago. Because we transitioned from Express to Meteor for the backend.

Also there is already the Meteor React guide that tells you everything about how to use React in a Meteor app.

For migrating Blaze to React there is now the Blaze section in the Meteor Guide that shows you how to write Blaze components that are easy to translate to React components. Other from that you just need to understand how React handles the view concerns like rendering, event handling and getting data and you then should be able to migrate Blaze components to React. Also you can use Blaze and React side by side.

the devil is in the detail. You can’t say that migrating from blaze to react is easy, or even possible at all.

Yeah, because writing good software in general is not easy. And it’s not even necessary to migrate all your Blaze templates to React. My point was that before you even think about migrating Blaze templates to React components, you should consider refactoring your Blaze templates to do what the Meteor Guide suggests and then you can start to migrate Blaze templates, starting from the bottom of the view hierarchy.


I definately agree with this.

I might consider abandoning meteor as a whole if I had to go through this.

One of the very strong pro’s of Blaze is that you could develop with more flexibility.

If Blaze 2 was built on top of React and still provide separability from view and logic so that I could use jade and coffeescript, I have no reason to disagree to this .

What made me start meteor was the flexibility of developing choices I could make for different projects. I could use Blaze, React, Mithirl, or whatever I wanted to fit the project I am working on the best.

Personally, depending on the style and design of app or website, React style developing and Blaze style developing both have pros and cons. But as of Meteor’s current state, it’s possible to develop in both styles.

I just hope that whatever decision MDG makes, the above remains unchanged.

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I no longer believe this ^


There’s nothing to complain about. Meteor is backwards compatible, so whatever you thought was coherent before, must still be coherent because it is all still there. You don’t have to start using React if you don’t want to, you can use the Blaze that you loved from before, it hasn’t gone anywhere. All Meteor has done is give developers some more (good) options.

Plus anyways, all the new stuff is coherent also, and I’m loving it. We have the ability to choose.


“Coherent” is not the same as existing;) That said, my comment was not about today. It seems there is good progress the last two month with the Meteor Guide and all. But it’s not there yet , today you still see people like this: Overwhelmed with the choices for Meteor 1.3 + React. Can someone point me in the right direction?

What happens if Facebook decide they want to take React off in a direction that doesn’t suit/play with Meteor? This takes the decision away from MDG and the Meteor community. Without the later, you don’t have a commercially maintainable business. As a developer, I would pay a monthly subscription to a methodology that moved with the times by absorbing new techniques. The justification is that it would save individuals (and businesses) having to continually chop and change between methodologies.
As a business, I would also pay for cost-effective hosting, etc.
Get your commercial vehicle sorted so you can fund more onboarding and develop the ‘best-of breed’ framework that you set out to do.

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I’ve said before, there may be a market for a “framework-as-a-service”… people lose their mind at the idea of paying for a framework. But why not? Who says a framework has to be completely open source? A framework-as-a-service could still take community PRs and operate just like any other open-source framework. The only difference being that it would have a stable budget to maintain it with.

robomongo just did this for all intents and purposes… albeit they just took one lump sum donation.

granted I don’t know how you would stop people from pirating the source code for their own apps… but the idea isn’t bad.

Having trouble getting used to using React with Meteor? We have just released a really easy method to get React and Tracker integration, one cannot make it easier, and the implementation can’t be lighter, it’s ridiculous how easy it works, it just makes sense.

With a lot of experience using Blaze and building business logic rather than actions and reducers, which have always felt like going over the river for water, this new package we’ve built is meant to relieve the burden on getting onto the React train.

We have reimplemented the Blaze templates methods autorun and subscribe for React, and guess what it makes perfect sense doing that, using 50 lines of code for the integration, one can’t argue against that right?

And as a bonus feature: it’s also easy to use this method for Server Side Rendering (see the clip to learn how)

The clip includes a short demo of how we build easy React Components with Meteor 1.2 and Tracker using Tracker.Component, and how it all works.

Demo and instructions for 1.3 is on the way, just not tonight :smile:

Cheers from the folks at Studio Interact


hello ,
i have been using meteor 1.2 with blaze for couple of months
i am worried about the future of blaze …
am i going to be forced to use react or i can stick to blaze if i want to .?

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I think it’s safe to use Blaze for the time being, as there are a lot of projects using it, including Rocket.Chat, for instance. But I would still recommend to learn React, as it’s obviously the way Meteor is heading at. I’m still on Blaze myself, though, and waiting until things have stabilized in the Meteor-React field. I’m still seeing too many questions here how this or that would work with React, while with Blaze the same is a no-brainer. Good thing is that React allows for smooth transition, so you don’t have to switch your app entirely from day one.


Here’s the follow up to this post: Angular, React, and Blaze

@gschmidt might be worth adding this to the original post for clarity ?

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You should also be aware that Blaze has been copied into its own repo’ here, for ongoing community development.


You should really make a new thread for unrelated topics :slight_smile:


I remember using in php for using a html template with no logic, was so clean so perfect, wish I could use something similar in react

Can we discuss about the Angular changes. As the CEO said that Angular will be supported in a big way.

As a ex-Angular developer I feel very good.

Everyone please comment.

Has the Angular effort started??

Can we have updates about the topic. It’s Jun’17. @gschmidt, @evanyou, please update on this.

What are updates on the Angular effort?

Meteor supports Angular very well, and a lot of people are using that. Please start a new thread if you have additional questions!