Nextgen Support

I’ve been seeing a lot of recent interest in supporting from the FHIR community.

I know the Meteor ecosystem has the excellent warehouseman:meteor-swagger-client package for almost two years now. I’m wondering what would be next steps in improving support for Swagger definitions…

  • Upgrade from TinyTests to Mocha?
  • Support ES6 modules?
  • Migrate to NPM package?
  • Integrate with GraphQL?
  • Integrate with SimpleSchema?
  • Improved documentation?
  • Examples?

I’m also trying to figure out how how the Swagger spec aligns (or differs) with GraphQL, SimpleSchema, and DDP. Do we have any examples of a swagger definition object for a DDP subscription? What about a swagger definition object for a JsonRoutes endpoint? How about one for a Meteor.method using SimpleSchema?