NextQL, inspired by Facebook GraphQL but much more simple


Just discovered NextQL :wink:
From its GitHub page it says:

NextQL is JSON query language for APIs and a robust and extensible runtime for resolve those queries. Equivalent with Facebook’s GraphQL, but much more simple. Without type checked and parse query string, NextQL significantly faster than GraphQL. :roll_eyes:


did you try to test it by example with a sql database like mysql ? if so what are your results ?


No! I haven’t tried it yet. Though still under active development and has a long way up. Having gone through the docs - it just feels so right than GraphQL. NextQL Integrates FeathersJS brilliantly as implemented with nextql-feathers, and FeathersJS already uses MySQL. NextQL is just a data query engine. It requires a client-side component, a transport and a data access component to complete. Featherjs just happens to provide all of these features. So things like subscription and its support for conditional queries seems so easy to implement (than GraphQL)


Sounds cool. My concern is always “am I sticking the client with some library/tech that only 100 people on earth know” (for the clients good) and also “how many projects will I see in the future saying they need people with [ ENTER LIB ] experience” (for my own good).

That said, I think there is a lot of room to improve and make graphql way simpler. Apollo does a great job of that but still room for improvement in apollo and relay, etc.

#5 You’re right about these concerns, but I think NextQL brings a new front and ease of use to ‘intelligent’ data fetching. Yes, you’re probably going to figure out a lot because only hundreds know about it. Relay - Facebook even made Relay harder with the release of Modern. NextQL is new, managed by a single dev and it’s not currently backed by a large corporation like GraphQL, has no solid community behind it, but it has all the goodies of GraphQL with prospects for improvement.