NO BS talk: How fast can I prototype with React? Any bugs, issues?

Hi guys,

I’ve attended Startup Weekend Manila this weekend and my team won the competition. We didn’t fully manage to develop our web prototype, frontend is still mostly missing. I want to develop frontend as fast as possible. I could use bootstrap but it’s “ugly”. How fast can you really prototype with React as of now? Are there any hurdles or bugs? I’d like to develop the frontend overnight if possible to get something out to clients by tomorrow. I’ve never worked with React by the way.

React has a learning curve.

Do you know blaze already? if you are literally starting now and need it by tomorrow morning just stick to blaze

Yep, I only know Blaze and Polymer. Polymer gives good results but don’t want to use it for this case, too many obstacles with it for a fast MVP. Bootstrap it is then I guess.

My teammate does know React but does not know meteor. I’m wondering if we could make this work somehow. Is the React/Meteor integration similar than the usual React experience?

React/Meteor integration is very similar. But you need to use Meteor’s way to getting data. I think ask them to try out Meteor and React for few hours and if that’s gonna work with them.

Then use it.