No Current Tutorials?


Why is there no up to date tutorials for Angular 1.6? The home page links to 1.2? version tutorial and the text tutorial for Blaze and Angular are quite limited. They don’t even cover 20% of the API…


I’ve recently noted the dated content of the Angular tutorial myself, and I’m not even that familiar with Angular. The other tutorials could use some work as well.

We’d truly love some help from the community updating that, and other, tutorials. It hadn’t crossed my mind that Angular 1.6 would be the best direction for those updates, but it’s certainly worth discussing. It was presently my belief that an Angular 4 tutorial would be the best direction to go with that.



@abernix I’ll work on updating the React tutorial today. If another community member can work on the Angular tutorial, that would be awesome!


Thanks so much, @hwillson. As always, anyone who is able to help with contributions, feel free to reach out. There is plenty to look at, tutorials included!