No Hot code push in Cordova?

Hi all,

I have just joined and hope to do great things with Meteor.

I have the following issue now: Hot code push works in browser, but not in the app on device.

How can I make this work? Is there a file where I have to input a new version number of the code?

(I am testing with a deploy on, and I have tried to reopen the app)

Thanks a lot


How hot code push works on cordova:

  1. app checks for update
  2. app downloads all assets for new update in background
  3. once all assets are loaded, those get activated and the app reloads

It takes a little to do a hot code push on phone - it usually doesn’t work as fast as the hot code push on browsers.

Thanks for the answer.

The thing is that I have just added one word 2 hours ago, and still nothing. Did I miss something?

Perhaps a package is missing? I have added autoupdate.


Have you pointed your server correctly? If you’re running the app on *, you should do:

meteor run ios|android --mobile-server

delete the app on your device before doing this, otherwise it won’t work either way.

Ok I got it to work now. Thanks!

So any tips on how to troubleshoot this?

My app is working fine, I can communicate with the database and run on the device but hot code push isn’t happening.

Not really sorry.

The thing is that I was coding on Windows, then moved the files to the Mac in order to build the app. I think this made the hot code not to work.

Then I started from scratch with everything done on the Mac, and now it works directly.