No Template["loginButtons"] exists

So I have the following packages:

  • accounts-password
  • twbs:bootstrap-3
  • ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3
  • gadicc:blaze-react-component

When I attempt to render the loginButtons template with <Blaze template="loginButtons" />, I get the error in this post’s title.

I’ve tested rendering another Blaze template with the sacha:spin package and it works fine. I’ve verified the ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3 is installed and in packages. What could cause the template not to be available?

blaze-react-component-client.js:16 Uncaught Error: No Template["loginButtons"] exists.  If this template originates in your app, make sure you have the `templating` package installed (and not, for e.g. `static-html`)

Hmm, from deeper searching, found out that despite the Blaze template call being {{> loginButtons}}, the actual template name is _loginButtons, so that’s the required string to pass in to the <Blaze> component.

I guess the Blaze template engine accepts a Template prop with or without the _ and doesn’t need it explicitly in the partial call. It’s starting to feel like an uphill slog getting React to play nicely. :slight_smile:

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