Node 22 has been released

Full release notes

I think most notably Node can now run package.json scripts, watch mode, speed improvements and WebSocket client for Node.js without external dependencies are the most notable improvements for us.



:heart_eyes: In the next few days, I’ll try to update Meteor 3 to use Node 22.

When we had Node 18, going to version 20 was pretty simple.

If this version 22 ends up being a simple change, we could maybe include it already in the next RC.

Not a promise :smile:


Does Node 22 have features, that can be then removed from Meteor, because they are already included at Node?

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Native websocket library seems to be the standout one.


Yes, but I think that will be more closely related to express and the current WebSocket implementation.

Another one that comes to mind is running package.json scripts directly. While it won’t remove any features from Meteor it could in theory run through Node instead of NPM, which could make it on at least one part more flexible with alternative package managers.

I know that everyone is excited about getting the latest features once the final Meteor 3.0 lands. But before upgrading to Node 22, I like to raise a couple of questions:

  1. Major: Upgrade from Node 20 (LTS) to Node 22 (Current). Node 22 will enter LTS on October 2024
  • Will this be the new focus for Meteor 3.0 moving forward? Favoring new features versus stability? Node recommends LTS version for production use.
  1. Minor: I am not sure what RC in Meteor 3.0 means now. Given that nobody is using Node 20 now with Meteor, my expectation about RC is that it fixes all bugs while no new features / API changes are introduced. However, since we are using Node 14 anyway, this is really just a minor issue.
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Updating to Node 22 it’s not a priority at all. As you said, our priority is to fix bugs and move forward to a final and stable version.

Now, testing if Node 22 would work on Meteor, given the current state, and seeing if any big problems will emerge is more of a thing I want to do. We aren’t adding this to the roadmap :wink:

Based on this, if I find any major problem or if we decide that it’s too much of a risk updating Node to a version that’s not LTS, we can, of course, postpone this and wait for a better time :raised_hands:

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