Node 7.6 has landed

With official async/await without any flags. I think this is a big deal as it will spur adoption of this style of programming. I don’t know how soon Meteor moves to new node versions but I hope it happens soon.

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Async/await works great in Meteor today with no flags! It will be interesting to see if switching to the native implementation brings a lot of performance improvements, definitely something to experiment with.

I guess I didn’t know that but I should’ve since using using Babel would’ve allowed that, and Meteor’s build system takes care of all the complicated stuff.

Looks like it was added in Meteor 1.3? Still I don’t see it being used in a lot of code. Another thing I hope to see is more use of observables (RxJs) which will soon be officially part of JS as well.

Personally I find observables pretty complicated to use, but a lot of people do like them!

Until at least the landing of v8 5.7 (Node 7.6 is v8 5.5), native async/await will not be as fast as regenerator-runtime code.


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