I’ve bumped into a strange issue.
I’m using full-icu ( to fix locale on the server and it was working ok.
But recently after updating some packages I keed bumping into errors:

[[[[[ /tmp/real-crm ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.
=> A patch (Meteor 1.8.1) for your current release is available!
Update this project now with ‘meteor update --patch’.
=> Errors prevented startup:

While loading package montiapm:agent@2.36.1:
error: Command failed: /home/ivan133/.meteor/packages/meteor-tool/. rebuild --update-binary
node: could not initialize ICU (check NODE_ICU_DATA or --icu-data-dir parameters)
node: could not initialize ICU (check NODE_ICU_DATA or --icu-data-dir parameters)

Basically NODE_ICU_DATA is not passed when meteor tries to rebuild package.
I’m running the app like this:
export NODE_ICU_DATA=node_modules/full-icu && meteor run --settings=settings-example.json

Also tried:
NODE_ICU_DATA=node_modules/full-icu meteor run --settings=settings-example.json

Results are the same.

So I have several questions:
1 Am I cooking it right? Does anyone else using full-icu too?
The only link I’ve found is and looks like it doesn’t help
2 Does anybody know a way to pass variables to packages / dependecies rebuild?
3 Maybe any other advices?

As far as I understand full-icu rebuilds node js binary.
Also I want to say that montiapm:agent is not the only package that causing troubles
I have the same issues with znewsham:dynamic-table

Hi @ivan133, I’ve just recently installed full-icu. I’m using NODE_ICU_DATA=node_modules/full-icu meteor --settings=settings.json to start things up. So far no issues. Did you use meteor npm i to install?
I don’t have monti apm, so I would also check what the package is doing with intl. I will keep a lookout if there is something else I did that might explain things (beside running on Meteor 1.8.1).

Maybe it could be related to this:

I’m starting the same way and it works.
But I guess for some packages it doesn’t when they try to rebuild node.
I think for some reason the NODE_ICU_DATA var is not passed.

I’ll check it myself too.

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