Node.js 6 update?

Node.js 6 now being in LTS now fulfils the requirements, so it may be a good point to update, especially with all the es6 features without babel


As far as I know MDG is working on it or at least planning to, I heard it mentioned a few times when talking about meteor 1.4 (upgrading to node 4) and the future roadmap.

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well, not node.js 4 has been officially discontinued, so it’s time

EDIT: not discontinued, but the official LTS version now is 6

I see some signs of recent progress here:

Your edit is still not entirely correct. Node 4 continues to be active LTS until 2017-03 and Node 6 is (as of ~last month) active LTS as well.

I think the Node 6 upgrade will surely happen (as you can follow in the above issue) in the not-too-distant future. That being said I think it’s safe to assume that Node 4 is more stable than Node 6 at the current point and time.

Reason being: Many companies wouldn’t have considered going Node 6 until it entered LTS which happened very recently. Now that v6 is getting out there, I’d venture to guess that more bugs with newer Node 6 features are likely to pop up. Node 4 on the other hand has had its “new feature-set” well-vetted for over a year now versus Node 6’s ~1.5 months.

I say let’s get Node 6 integrated into Meteor pronto - everyone immediately benefits from the performance enhancements and optimizations that newer versions of the bundled V8 JavaScript compiler provide.

Even Node 4, despite being older, still has bugs and receives updates, so now that Node 6 has reached LTS status, there is no compelling reason why we shouldn’t switch to it.

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Not only that. I’m seeing …

   "engines": {
     "node": ">=6.0.0"

… more and more often, on packages I really wish I could use! :sweat:

I wouldn’t even dare upgrade my Meteor app to a newer version of Node unless explicitly endorsed by MDG. So many instances of people upgrading and completely crashing their application.