This site divides node.js frameworks in four categories and I have an understanding problem with middleware and particularly with REST API. I have read a lot about these four categories and have still questions due to lack of experience.

  1. Does a full stack framework like Meteor contains MVC, REST API and Middleware? If yes, does every full stack framework contains these elements/categories(1,3,4) automatically?
  2. Who is responsive for data and database transfer/communication between server and client - Middleware or REST API? It seems to me that Middleware is depending on REST API?
  3. I don’t understand in what case should I write my own REST API?
  4. Middleware extend an existing framework with additional functionality - is this correct? If yes, what are “Other libraries” in the fourth category that are not Middleware?
  5. When I load data from MongoDB (or update my MongoDB collection) with Meteor or other full stack frameworks, do I use automatically REST API in the background? I can’t imagine what REST API exactly is.


Hello, I really appreciate your offer, but it wouldn’t work for me. I am using translator, dictionary and grammar checker for writing questions in English (and it takes sometimes a lot of time). I don’t know the correct pronunciation of English words and it will be too difficult for me to understand your English speech. I am learning programming and simultaneously English by reading and translating programming books, online articles and tutorials in English. You will really help me by answering my questions in written form.


If you have an answer, please post it here, so we can all benefit.