Node.js version for meteor v1.4.4

Hi all,

Been using meteor for years and really enjoying it. It’s the only non Python-based project I work on.

Question about the required node.js version - the changelog states that in version 1.4.4 node has been bumped to version 4.8.1. But the deployment guide says Node 4.6.2.

Which version should I use for my self-deployment?


Ah, interesting. I’m thinking the changelog is more reliable than the deployment guide. They probably forgot to update the guide (they ought to make their documents reactive eh ;)). I’m still using 4.6.2, so I guess I should upgrade to 4.8.1 then :slight_smile: has been super convenient btw.

Edit: Oh hehe, just logged into my server, apparently I had already changed to 4.8.1 and forgotten about it…

Thanks! Just making sure the same node version is used everywhere and I wasn’t missing something; I’ll submit a PR at some point here:

Just a heads up that in the Node version is 4.8.2. 4.8.1 has a memory leak.

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Actually you can use meteor node -v on your devbox with corresponding meteor version to determine the right version of node - it can’t cheat you!