Node.js version?

hello - (full disclosure - i am a newbie and have yet to even install meteor)

when i looked at the “Meatier” site, it seemed to elude to meteor using a version of node that was probably the original version.

having used node for awhile, and then switching over to io.js since node insisted on using the outdated (and unsupported) V8, and then watching node and io.js reconcile their differences, i was wondering if there is any talk of the meteor community embracing the latest version of node, an outsider might wonder how difficult it would be to upgrade from such an early version of node, assuming the “Meatier” site was correct.

also, Meatier seems to embrace RethinkDB over mongodb, which RethinkDB seems more similar to the traditional LAMP databases. any idea when (or if) that might happen?

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It has been referenced by Benjamin from here, and added as a “post 1.3” milestone, which means it will probably happen in something like 1.3.[1, 2 or 3] :sunny:

just to be clear - benjamn is one of the core developers at MDG, and he said:

Here’s a github issue about it:

1.3 is expected to launch very soon