Node memory leak

I upgraded to Meteor 1.3, created a new simple-todos app and installed npm. When running meteor it looks like I got a memory leak in node. At least it seems node uses more memory than before. Typical. Anyone knows about this and if there’s a solution? :disappointed:

Btw, I run an old PC with Ubuntu 14.04. A process that takes a lot of space quickly makes it noticeably slow.

This article looks like it may help you track that down!


Maybe I’m wrong about a leak. Node just takes a lot of space like 30% running meteor and stays there. Much more than before. It could run high but go down after a while. Not now. It stays high. Does a memory leak always have to grow in size or could my problem, a constant high memory use, actually be a leak?

I think the term ‘leak’ does imply a steadily growing memory usage, but I may be mistaken. If a comparison helps, my simple admin panel is currently taking up 476MB.