Node Pub Sub (NPS)

I am a long time user of MeteorJS across various projects. However, a recent project required only the functionality of Meteors DDP layer with reactivity, and getting Meteor certified for use within the organization was proving problematic. Therefore I have written the Node Pub/Sub built on NodeJS which other users may find useful.

Node Pub-Sub (NPS) is a lightweight & reactive pub-sub layer built on top of Websockets/ws for web socket connectivity and vlasky-mysql-live-select for MySQL database reactivity.

It is essentially a lightweight replacement for Meteor’s DDP layer combined with LiveMySQL for database reactivity instead of MongoDB.

This is useful for projects where you simply need the data reactivity and pub/sub framework, without all of the other useful features that Meteor provides. For example, you want to simply build a reactive server with pub/sub capability that clients can connect too and manipulate data.