Node should only listen on localhost:3000

Is there a way to tell meteor to only listen on localhost:3000? I use nginx as proxy and don’t want someone to access the node process directly.
I use meteor up to deploy the app and it would be great if there is a solution without using ip tables.

Set the PORT env variable to 3000 during or before deployment. You can do that in Mup.

Thanks, but thats not exactly what I meant. I want that the service is only accessible from localhost ( and not from the public server IP.
I use nginx with an htaccess file so I have to deny access to http://myip:3000

Yeah, you can use the BIND_IP environment variable.

Probably though for production you’ll want a proper firewall to drop any packets to undesired ports.

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Take a look here

It’s not the answer you want but you should really consider reconfiguring nginx and setting up IPtables

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Thank you, I will think about that. It is an interessting article but is it relevant for a meteor app? Since meteor uses a websocket connection it should be only one request per user, right?

Thank you, BIND_IP worked for me.

that’s probably a fair point. Although in my experience once you go down a “less supported” path you end up spending way more time on hacks downstream