Node-uber npm problem

Has anyone tried to get the node-uber npm package to work? Simply adding

var Uber = require('node-uber');

causes iron-router to lose all it’s routes. The problem seems to actually be with the oauth npm package since

var OAuth = require('oauth');

has the same effect. I was hoping to be able to use node-uber instead of hacking one of the Meteor account-oauth packages, but it is either that or debug the node oauth package. I’m really beginning to hate OAuth. :frowning:

So I learned something useful about JavaScript. I was putting the require statement at the top of the source along with the import statements. Seemed like a good idea so I could look and the top of the code and know what is needed. However this apparently puts everything in global scope which was messing up iron-router. Moving the require to just before I need to use it fixed the problem. Easy fix, but now I need to go through the rest of my code and move the require statements for consistency even though they are working. I’m leaving this here in-case someone else can benefit from my mistake.

Wrapping the code inside if (Meteor.isServer) also fixes the problem.