Node upgrade plans?

This is a pretty general question, but I was wondering if any Meteor people or others could give a hint as to when Meteor’s node version is gonna get upgraded to the current LTS v6.10. I feel like it’s very important for Meteor to stay up to date, to ensure everyone who relies on it can have access to the improved environment and awesome packages (like nodemailer).

just FYI for anyone curious:
breaking changes v4 to v5
breaking changes v5 to v6

Not sure if you guys have a roadmap for this in place, or if you’re looking for PRs, but I’d love to help!

Found this almost as soon as I finished writing this post. However, this could also be a place people discuss things about the impending Node upgrade and any other related concerns/ideas.

It would be really cool if we could just choose the node version we want to run with meteor.

If you can spend some time, its possible. I had to do it in past(though more than a year ago).
But its not like such support is possible from perspective of meteor devs. and multi-platform stuff.

It would, but the problem there is that there are breaking changes between
node versions that would require Meteor to do a new release that accounts
for all those compatibility issues.

Right now, the only way to run Meteor with a different version of node that
I know of is to build the Meteor bundle yourself in development.

Check out that issue I linked, it would have the details on how to do that
if you’re interested in contributing.