Node v14 end of life coming

When will Meteor support Node v16?

The gist of it is here:

And details here:

In short, some major changes are needed in Meteor to support Node 16 or 18. These changes are currently being implemented.


Another answer I think is Meteor 3.0.

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Do we know when Meteor 3 is going to be released?

And even more importantly: What’s the migration path? We also need opensea-js in our platform soon, so I’m getting a bit worried…

Without spreading fear or fud but this already indicates the importance of a well written migration guide!


My personal opinion:

Meteor v2.8 (introduces *Async calls) - by Meteor Impact
Meteor v2.9 (migrates more core packages to the new async pattern) - November/December

Meteor v3.0 (Node v16, makes async the only option) - early Q1 2023

Maintaining v2.x till May 2023 to align with Node 14 support and give more time for people to migrate.