NodeInspector throws errors when trying to open a file

I am trying to debug my server code in Meteor 1.3 with meteor debug. The NodeInspector shows up fine and auto-stops on startup, but I cannot open any of the files or folders of the source tree. In most cases, I get an error message like that:

treeoutline.js:943 Uncaught TypeError: window.getComputedStyle(...).getPropertyCSSValue is not a function
    at WebInspector.NavigatorFolderTreeElement.TreeElement.isEventWithinDisclosureTriangle (treeoutline.js:943)
    at HTMLLIElement.TreeElement.treeElementToggled (treeoutline.js:643)

Guess this is due to an old NodeInspector version. Is there a way to update it to the latest version without upgrading Meteor? I will do the latter, but only after I have fixed all issues on 1.3.

It’s probably this issue, but I have no idea how to find out which version of nodeinspector Meteor is using: