Non-reactive with reactively data

I’ve got a non-reactive helper which works as expected but I like to have some properties reactives.

This is my model:

const food = Food.find({}, {reactive: true}, {
                        sort: this.sort
                    }).fetch().map(food => {
                        const owner = Meteor.users.findOne(food.owner, {fields: {username: 1, avatarS: 1, following: 1}});
                        food.avatarS = owner && owner.avatarS;
                        food.username = owner && owner.username;

                        if (food.likes.indexOf(Meteor.userId()) == -1) {
                            // user did not like this plate
                            food.liked = false;
                        } else {
                            // user liked this plate
                            food.liked = true;

                        return food;

So if I publish new data in Food I don’t want to refresh the content (and it’s not refreshing) but I’d like to refresh the value for food.liked.
Would be this possible?

BTW: If I have reactive: false it doesn’t work (I always get 0 elements), so if I don’t want reactive I have to put true (??)

Thanks in advance