Noob help - easy build and deployement advises


First, i wanted to thank you for making Meteor.

I’m new to node.js and meteor js. I was used to deploy my old sites by just uploading them with filezilla on my hosting provider server.

I followed some tutorials and managed to install npm and build my meteor app with frozeman meteor build client :blush: meteor-build-client …/myOutputFolder

Now i have a small html file and big .js file and i don’t know what to do to deploy it on my http server ( if i just upload it i don’t think it will work like this, cause opening the html file in chrome doesn’t show anything )

So what is the next step ? I tried to follow the guide at but i don’t really undestand, is there an easy way for non-professionnals ? Do you have links or advises ( english is not my first langage )

Thank you for your help,

You probably had an apache server or something running and when you uploaded through filezilla it would serve that. For meteor you need a nodejs server, the easiest way to set this up automatically is to deploy using galaxy: