Noob issue: hello-meteor links not displaying

Hey everyone. I’m trying to get started with meteor and am following the first course in meteor university to learn. I’m having a little issue with the baked-in hello-meteor project that I’m looking for some help with. In the hello-meteor project, the app creates a new mongodb collection for some links to display on the main page. For whatever reason, the links are not displaying for me. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot and am looking for some guidance. My suspicion is that something is wrong with mongo but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot.

I’m running this application on a xubuntu vm with Node v14.17.5 and Meteor 2.9.0

Thank you for your help.

Looking into this a little deeper, I’m able to console.log out a count of the Links collection in the server.js and see 4 records, so i know the data is in the db. But LinksCollection.find().fetch(); in Info.jsx is returning an empty array.

Did you modify main.html? The original blaze template has the links hardcoded in the info template.

Did you define the LinksCollection in the client side? Unless you have the insecure package installed you also need to publish/subscribe the collection

Meteor 2.9 no longer has insecure and autopublish installed by default. Not sure if the documentation has been updated accordingly

@rjdavid is right. We will need to update the instructions on Meteor University.

To create your project and follow the course, you should use the --prototype flag @jaycen.

meteor create hello-meteor --prototype