Noob question about SEO for Google with Meteor


I’m trying to implement SEO for Google, following the excellent blog article I found here:

This approach uses _escaped_fragment_ to use server-side rendering for search bots sending requests in this format. However, Google deprecated this, as described here:

They say that Google nowadays is capable of indexing JavaScript pages just fine. So I tried the googlebot fetch tool provided by Google on a deep link into my app:

The rendered output looks correctly.

But still, it seems as if Google is not able to index my Meteor app, as I can see if I perform test searches using the search engine itself. I can only guess that the bot is not able to follow links inside the app, so only my start page is being indexed.

The blog post also recommends to use a sitemap.xml to inform search engines about the routes they should index. This may work fine if the app only has a couple of entry points. But if your app is a social network with thousands of users (and hence thousands of user profile pages), it does not make sense to setup a site map for all of them.

What is the recommended way to let Google fully index a Meteor app with a lot of pages? Does it still make sense to use _escaped_fragment_ , although Google disencourages that and considers this as “cloaking”?

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We also don’t use SSR on our page and don’t got problems with that regarding the google search. Can you provide a link to your site?



I saw your question when I was finding resources to get my app/site indexed by Google.

I found the official Meteor documentation to be very helpful. The best articles I found are below:

  1. Enabling SEO on Meteor:

  2. SEO w/ Prerender:

Since I am hosted with Meteor Galaxy the process was super simple, another benefit of Galaxy, but the links above show another way to implement as well if not using Galaxy.

Good luck!

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