Not able to get the output int he code


We wrote below code for dropdown on .jade file

+smDropdown(id=“diptank-attendants” multi=true type=“linked” collection=“Diptanks” item=“Diptank” field=“attendants” itemid=item._id items=attendants keyfield="_id" displayfield=“displayname” value=item.attendants)

NOTE: It uses the Select2 control behind the scenes (, and overrides the data to which the dropdown subscribes to by reading the value of the filter box and only returning the top results from the server.

+smDropdown Attributes getting data from it’s .js file code below on .js file

attendants: function() {
var users = DB.Users.find({ “globalroles.DiptankAttendant”: true }, { sort: { name: 1 }});
return users.fetch();

But the output is no record found.
Can you please suggest to get data from db, or we are missing something here ?