Not able to get URL of .indd file


I am storing .indd file in cfs:gridfs and I am not gettng url of that file on meteor galaxy but I am able to get URL on localhost. This issue only occur with .indd file if I was store .pdf / .doc / .jpg then it will work perfectly on both side localhost and meteor galaxy.

Please provide any way to get URL of .indd file on meteor galaxy.


Be aware that CFS is deprecated:

The issue sounds like it has to do with accept headers.

Do you have a code example and any errors in the console?


var template = designTemplates.findOne(design.indesignFileId);

on localhost it give url like /cfs/files/****** but on server it gives ‘undefined’ and no error on console


On the server you might have to supply the store, see this post:

var url = image.url({store: 'images'});


not working, still returning ‘null’ on meteor galaxy