Not able to see changes on production url where as same code runs on test url


I am developing portal on Meteor (Blaze) + MongoDB. The server is amazon.

I am having a repository on github (say : project.git).

I have been using for testing purpose. Everything is working fine.On amazon the path where the code is “/var/www/meteor/myprojecttest” The url is “

Recently we have decided to lunch the site in production. But we kept the project different. So the production code is on “/var/www/meteor/myprojectprod” and the url is “

I have worked on the code on my local machine. And committed the code on github.

I have done git pull in both the folders. and deployed the code. The changes are reflected on the site. whereas same code is pushed in the /var/www/meteor/myprojectprod but changes are not reflected on

What can be wrong? I am not able to know. Please help.

Thanks in Advance.


First of all, to make sure that you are correctly pulling the same code in both directories, you should do a rm -rf * in both, then pull. Then do that again, while keeping the old files in both.

If you get different results, you might have a local file permission issue. If not, the issue has to do with how you pull the code.


Actually I am able to see the code in the both folders. I am able to see the latest code. But changes are not seen on production site.

Can you please elaborate on permission. I don’t have any knowledge about it. Actually I am new to it.


Sounds silly, but are you sure that everything is pointing at what it should be? If I was seeing this, I’d be looking at my IP addresses, etc. to make sure.


If you are able to see the same code in both folders, but in your browser the pages look stale, then this might be an issue of cache invalidation. Are you using an app accelerator, or reverse proxy with caching? E.g. Varnish, NGINX


Then maybe you should give Meteor hosting a try. This is exactly the problem it is meant to solve. See the pricing, and check whether your time is better spent on developing the app / business.


Will try it. Is there any other possibilitie?


Can you please elaborate on it. As I am new not able to get it.


Did you see this reply?


I mean something like: your domain is pointing to, but you are uploading changes to

Also, as @illustreets suggested, Galaxy can definitely be cost effective even though it may seem “expensive” compared to other hosting services. I’ve saved countless hours of debugging things like mup, etc. to justify the price.


can you help how to find the domain? both for github and server.