Not Loading Template Files Into View


Ok, so i’m new to angular and i’ve been loosely following the meteor angular tutorial and i’ve built up something but it’s asking me for template or head tags even though the code is constructed really similarly to the angular meteor tutorial.

Heres the code for the route in route.js.

 .state('test', {
    url: '/test',
    templateUrl: 'client/parties/views/'

As a test I created the test file to put in the paragraph and it keeps asking for a template so I wrapped it in a template tag and it rendered but only showed the content in index.html

<template name="test">

Heres my index.html file

  <base href="/">
  <blaze-template name="loginButtons"></blaze-template>
  <a href="/places">Home</a> - <a href="/test">Test</a>
  <div ui-view></div>

It shows the links at the top and the links load and page URL changes but it’s not displaying the template files. Someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong. I have probably missed something so obvious but i’m new. The tutorial I was looking at does not use the template tags within the files so I know it’s something to do with that