Notifications on Meteor Cordova app on Android

I’m trying to develop an app with Cordova, someone have some advice about way for notifications, for example, in case there are new messages for the connected user?
Maybe without using Google’s GCM.

well… I chose to use FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging ex GCM by Google).
I used and got push notifications, all ok.
But now I have problems setting the notification sound, following the instructions there is no way to get the sound.
Anyone know how to set sound for notifications ?

I completed the job using raix:push, but some problems with the sound that didn’t work
Now I am trying to use the plugin, but I have a problem that I have not yet been able to solve, I cannot send notices, in the server log it always gives me the error "'android .data must only contain string values ".
I have read the manual on the project in github very well but have not yet found a way to solve it.
Anyone use it for give me some advice ?

I have posted also Push notifications for Android and I want to switch this post to it.
I think push notifications is an important feature for mobile app and Meteor give a good way to develop hybrid app (I like it very well).
So, I delete “In progress” label but the story is not ending…