Nova Getting Started Screencasts

I made a bunch of getting started screencasts for Nova (the new React version of Telescope). You can find them on the newly refreshed homepage:

The goal of this new version is to let you isolate your React components from the rest of your code, a bit like Mantra does. So I encourage you to check out Nova for any new projects you want to get up and running quickly, and if you ever outgrow it it shouldn’t be too hard to switch it out in favor of your own hand-made back-end.


@sacha why Nova does not use Mantra? What is the difference between Mantra and Nova approach?

Honestly the main reason is that Mantra seemed very opinionated and a bit too complex for me. At the time I didn’t see the point of a couple Mantra things like dependency injection, although I’ve come around since.

I guess you could say Nova uses a subset of the patterns offered by Mantra. For example it does use smart/dumb containers.

I think that’s pretty much the universal best practice for React now.

Really excited about this though! I should check it out for my app development needs. Having some nice drop-in components, wordpress-style, could be awesome.

Great, let me know if you try it out! I’d be happy to give you a quick walkthrough or answer any questions :slight_smile:

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