NPM cannot install meteor

I am trying to install Meteor js using NPM but I get this error message:

So I don’t know what I am supposed to do,
Thank you for your help!

See the page Install the Latest Version of Meteor!

Yes that’s the page I used, don’t know how to fix my problem

Googling the error message localappdata env var is not set reveals that this is a Windows 7/8 problem, of which I don’t understand a word, because I use a Mac.

Try this page for help: User variables are not resolved correctly in Windows

Otherwise google the error message yourself and try solving the Windows problem. Once it’s solved, the install will probably go smoothly.

Thank you, I have Windows 10, I tried Googling the error but haven’t found any post with the same exact problem, that’s why I posted here
I’m really surprised than no one else seems to have this problem

Could it be because I’m using Node v13.11.0?

I don’t think so. The error message is very specifically referring to a Windows problem around environment variables.

But it never hurts to update to the current or LTS version of Node.

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True, it can’t hurt. But when I read “Requires Node.js 8 or newer installed”, I tend to take it verbatim. If it turns out that it’s not the case anymore, we should learn about it and the requirement’s text should be updated.

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