NPM deps not availlable or NPM module not available server side


I created a new meteor project, and I got the issue that deps of the npm module are not available.

unable to resolve some modules
"url" in /C/Users/Qlik/Meteor projects/qlikauth-meteor/node_modules/qlik-auth/index.js (web.browser)

then I did a npm install in the node_modules dir and it went away, is this normal? It is not specified in the help.

I have now moved the code that uses qlikauth npm module to server, because I need to intercept an http request, get an SSO ticket/session cookie and then forward the user.

and I get error:

ReferenceError: qlikauth is not defined

But it did work on the client side. and I have imported the module (copy paste of client side javascript)

`import { Meteor } from ‘meteor/meteor’;
import qlikauth from ‘qlik-auth’;

Meteor.startup(() => {
// code to run on server at startup

Picker.route( ‘/sso’, function( params, request, response, next ) {
console.log(‘in meteor sense server request sso ticket’);
// console.log(request);

//Define user directory, user identity and attributes
  var profile = {
    'UserDirectory': 'QLIK', 
    'UserId': 'rikard',
    'Attributes': [{'Group': 'ExampleGroup'}]
  //Make call for ticket request
  qlikauth.requestTicket(request, response, profile);


restarting meteor solved it, so a bug I think.