Npm duplicate package dependancies?

One of my biggest issues with Meteor right now is that its hard to build a package that works in both Meteor-land, NPM-land, and Browserify-land.

I just wrote a simple script to help me parse websites. Its written the npm way so I can open up the REPL, require('./parser') and start building working from there.

In my parser file, I require ‘lodash’. And in my meteor project, I have the ‘lodash:lodash’ package. I’m afraid that if I create a meteor package using Npm.require, I’ll have two sets of lodash in my project.

Thus, I cannot simultaneously support both NPM and Meteor at the same time. I typically don’t care to support NPM except its really convenient to be able to use the package at the command line when developing with it (building parsers for specific web pages).

Has anyone else tackled this issue?