Npm + git error on Windows

My co-worker is setting up his dev environment on windows and is running into a few problems.

Basically, I have had to use github forks of a couple of packages when building my app.

On mac and linux, npm can install from git urls and github fine, but I think the npm version that gets installed on windows (either from the choco install or the meteor install) don’t understand the designation of a github branch for the version requirement.

For 1 or two of these packages I cna issue a PR and probably get my code in the main branch, but for one of these packages (ckeditor) that won’t be possible.

the line causing the issue in package.json is:

"embedo": "git+",

any advice?

The error message is saying that:
It can’t run git (ERR! syscall swpan git)
because it can’t find git (ERR! errno ENOENT - translation: “Error NO ENTity”)
at the path git (ERR! path git)

This either means git is not installed or isn’t on the PATH

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