Npm meteor-check has been deprecated

hi all ,
I do the work of validating user inputs on the client side myself.
But I do not know what to do to validate the server side and methods
And according to npm, the check package is invalid.
What should I do ?

My friends, I am looking for a package with the following features :slight_smile:

  • Check the length of input characters
  • Check formats such as email, date, etc.
  • Check string and int

Something like Laravel validation system

Please help me, this is definitely an issue that everyone has encountered

check is a Meteor package – see

The currently recommended way of writing Meteor methods however is with ValidatedMethod, see

Along that package comes SimpleSchema for parameter checking. For the latter install and use


Please update title, check is not deprecated!


I use simple schema to validate method inputs a lot of the time since it makes real easy to check lengths, apply regex, check types, set some stuff as optional etc all in one go for multiple inputs

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Hey, this title is super-confusing. Check is not deprecated. AFAIK, it’s not even on npm, at least not officially.

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I say this package :

But I think collection2 AND simple schema It has the best performance

Fixed the title to be more accurate.

I would love to move this package under MCP management, but sadly there is no repository for it.


Yeah, I saw that. But it’s not an official one. Raix seems to have pushed it there.

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