Npm module blocks node inspector (Something to do with source maps)

When running my project with meteor debug and then pressing play in node inspector, I get thrown this error.

Network.loadResourceForFrontend failed. /path/to/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/packages/

What i’ve done to get here:
meteor npm install --save braintree

import braintree from 'braintree' ~ on select server files

I also know that braintree works, I can access their api & generate client tokens, but can’t do anything in node inspector because of the error.

When looking inside braintree in node_modules/braintree I see that the index grabs the /lib/braintree exports. And in that lib directory there is a braintree.js and file.

I’m desperately trying to debug some server side stuff but am pretty jammed up. I would appreciate any help!

Bumping for visibility. Any ideas?

Any resolution to this. I’m experiencing the same problem.

+1 @mdgbot Seems like the debugger can’t get past .map files

Network.loadResourceForFrontend failed.
Error: ENOENT, open ‘~/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/packages/’

Same issue here see issue 7991