NPM package in Meteor; server execution issue

Below I have some JS that works in my Meteor development environment, however, NOT when deployed on my server. Both systems are running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_32. On my development system, console.log(ip) displays: “IP Address”, on my server console.log(ip) displays: “undefined”. Is there a way to get this NPM package call to work on my server??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Meteor.startup(() => {

var dns = Npm.require(‘dns’);
var lookup = Meteor.wrapAsync(dns.lookup);
console.log(server_name: + Meteor.settings.server_name);
try {
var ip = lookup(Meteor.settings.server_name);
} catch (e) {

Traced this to process.env module in Meteor. Opened new topic: Process.env in Meteor; server/deployment execution issue