NPM packaging concerns

Let’s start off by saying I am looking forward to being able to use npm packages with less friction in my meteor applications.

Several things seriously bother me in term’s of npm though. It has

  • No concept of where the code is intended to be run (cordova, browser, server, mars rover, etc)
  • No integration with a build system, which may make debugging more difficult.

Are my concerns founded?

The packages are integrated enough with the build system - why do you say debugging will be more difficult?

And the other points are the reason Atmosphere is still a great place to publish Meteor packages that take advantage of all of those features. It isn’t going anywhere.

I agree with what @sashko have mentioned. You don’t need to worry about these stuffs yet.

Just use NPM for libraries. Full stack NPM modules will be there. But that takes time. Meteor 1.3 is just the start.

So, use NPM for libraries for now. But with Meteor 1.3, you could use React totally from NPM.