Npm peer requirements error

Apologies if this is a dumb question - I’m a complete Noob…

I’m building an app using meteor 1.3.1 and the Socially tutorial as a reference as it does something very similar to what I need, but I keep seeing the same error in my console and just can’t figure it out.

I’ve installed the accounts.ui package:

meteor add dotansimha:accounts-ui-angular

then added that package as a dependency in my angular module:

angular.module(‘dkfitness’, [

I have angular installed, .meteor/versions lists:


but I keep seeing the following error:

check-npm-versions.js:17 Error: Cannot find module ‘angular/package.json’(…)
check-npm-versions.js:48 WARNING: npm peer requirements not installed:

  • angular@^1.2.27 not installed.

I’ve tried to force the package version of angular to 1.2.27
I’ve also run:

meteor npm install --save angular

Neither fixes the issue.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!!!