Number was owervrited by Meteor staf

I had number 0857282360 for the 5+ years (bill pay)
Asked to move from other network to Meteor number 0857827804 and join to my acc.

Service member (I ringed on the phone ) after 20 min asking details, said "ok, done"
Next day: my old number 0857282360 was overwrite with new number 0857827804

Tried to get help online-was send to shop-fin the shop again “sorry” go online…

Any chance to restore number 0857282360 and keep with 0857827804 both on my acc?

p.s I logged online to 0857282360 is still active, I can send sms and its saying “next bill will be …” FOR WHAT?

I think you’re on the wrong forum :smile:
This Meteor is a web development framework, not a phone carrier!