Nw.js + meteor pandemic app: am I planning this right?

I’ve been asked if it is possible to improve Latex typing.

For you guys who doesn’t know what Latex is, it is a painful way to write scientific documents in a reliable way.

The worst part of it, is not that it is so full of syntactic sugar to make you diabetic, is that even if it has been invented in the '80s, it is still the best solution out there.

My idea was to create a pandemic open source app, which will work on browser and offline as a desktop application on linux, windows and Mac. On the browser app I have no problem. The desktop app is more problematic to me, since I’m no expert. Help me understand if I got this correctly:

Windows, offline desktop application Scenario:

  1. User download .exe package. In this scenario it will try to install latex, mathjax, node.js, meteor and all relative dependencies (1 gb+)

  2. nw.js application starts. It asks the user if he either has an online server to point him to, or start itself a meteor server, and load localhost url. in NW.js app.

  3. Now everything is the same for offline and online users. Online users will connect to the server for rendering, offline user will still connect to the server, except that it runs on localhost.

Am I getting this right?