NYC Meteor Lunch


@raix Hey what days will you be in NYC… I’m here until the 20th… lets grab lunch with a few other Meteor devs sometime? Tag whoever


Hi Andrew,

Sure, I’m arriving the 18’th (booking train ticket today, a bit last minute, hopefully I’ll know more in a couple of hours) Leaving the 19’th at 20pm to JFK

One of my best friends live in NY and he promised to show me the highline and central park, so a lunch/coffee around there or financial district could be options?

Also meeting up with @jonjamz so could be nice if we could do a mini meteor meetup, if any body else want to join in they are welcome,

Kind regards Morten


Okay awesome. I’m actually staying with @jonjamz so all good!!


Sounds like a good time! I’d be happy to meet you guys


Sounds good you guys, happy to meet you too Max,

I’m thinking sat around mid day or something, maybe for cold drink (hope we have great weather), could be near or in central park?
Just a rough estimate / ideas, let me hear what you think


Hey guys, I’m low on wifi - going to st. of lib then Brooklyn bridge - so I’m a moving target today, let me know if it matches anything?