OAuth-encryption not sealing accessToken


I’m trying to use the oauth-encryption package to encrypt accessTokens provided by an accounts package (e.g. accounts-foo). Tokens are being created but are not being encrypted.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’m trying to figure out if the cause might be in a potentially outdated accounts-foo package or elsewhere. I know a number of accounts packages started throwing errors with, so was wondering if this was potentially related.

Any suggestions on where to begin troubleshooting are most welcome.

In case it helps…

My relevant accounts packages:


As per the docs, my accounts.js

Accounts.config({oauthSecretKey: Meteor.settings.oauthSecretKey});

My Accounts.loginServiceConfiguration.insert is handled below that, wrapped in a Meteor.startup.


I have had the same problem and I’d be curious how to get oauth-encryption working properly. Maybe there is a good example of how to use it out there, or maybe as @chadkruser mentioned it simply isn’t working with Anyway, bump.